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Sunday, 27. January 2002

Kinglist at 11:43 UTC by Abula

Puuh, finally I got the Kinglist updated. I recounted all points, there were some mistakes. Lost Internals are not included into the Kinglist, yet.

Team points are counted too, team . and ReC having a tight battle. Look at Special Contests, new pip0r guru has born: Jalli [FBE].

IRK, TonyLee and Miguel drove 24h totals, check their achievements.

Multi Contest List has been taken out off the Kinglist because not everybody has possibility to compete on those and by playing only multi you were able to get lead in the Kinglist too easily. Sorry CC and ReC guys, hopefully you understand. You can mail me telling better solutions.

Jeppe has given up the Kinglist battle? psy is alone in a lead - again.

Keep on hoyling, I'm able to update more often now.

Category: Old  |  Priority: Medium

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