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Thursday, 27. December 2001

Hurry up with the forecast at 22:50 UTC by Abula

skint0r, psy, Kumiorava, mr, MUe, IRK and klisse has sent in the forecast so far. More is needed. You will be pissed of when the first checking date comes if you haven't taken part, believe me =].

Forecast FAQ:

It is so long....
Copy my forecast and edit it, much faster in that way.

I have no idea about numbers of lgrs thing, wtf is Hoyla Mission?!
Read above or check current situation, thoses hould help.

What's the advantage of doing this?
You could think what's the advantage of playing Elma? Maybe it isn't funny to do the forecast now (it is) but after a year or so it will give much joy. You can compete with other kuskis and you even don't have to hoyl like hell. The more competitors there are the better the competition is so eventhough you're not so interested in this you can still participate and give joy for others.

No one plays Elma in 2006.
Maybe, maybe not. At least Moposite will be online next 50 years. People have played Across / Elma for five years so why not next five years too? And on the first checking date most kuskis are playing, that's sure.

Balazs will make Elma 2.0, what's then?
We will think what to do if this miracle happen.

I'm so lazy, this is impossible much work for me.
Hey, it's time to beat yourself, you can do it!

More info >>

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