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Wednesday, 27. June 2007

New page: Playing at 1:46 UTC by Abula

After five (!!) years working the Playing page is finally ready! Ok, it's not anything very special but still quite a nice packet of levels and replays. Playing page is an attempt to list all different kind of tricks and bike controlling types. It was a very ambitious project but I think we have succeed quite well. Multi-playing, IRL playing, Belma playing have own tactics and they are missing but maybe in one day...

First we called it as Moposchool and mainly me and BarTek were developing it. Also Rigger and ciph were around with their ideas. Later when Paprika was released I wanted to have a page for playing like there are for designing levels, cheating etc. Moposchool was a good start and we started to convert it to the new format. zebra entered the project when BarTek was becoming inactive. Also Luther and axxu have helped us quite much. The levels were tested by my mother (totally amateur), my ex-roommate (ok player, Carju) and MP who is a world class professional so all the skill levels were presented. Thanks to all people who were making this happen.

Briefly the idea of the consept is to go through the different levels and to beat Target times to be sure you handle the trick or controlling type. You can use the replays and the texts as help. Dream times are there for more challenging playing. We don't host any competition yet. First you might want to beat the all Easy level and then Medium etc.

If you think something is missing don't hesitate to drop a line. Maybe even make a level or replay for us? Also the Skill levels can be argued. Is some level easy eventhough we marked it as hard? The general information texts are still missing and we appreciate help in that.

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Comments (13)

#1 at 2:01 UTC - 27. Jun 2007 by Xiphias

This is a surprise. Haven't read the whole Playing site yet but this sounds nice. I'll give those levels a try =P

#2 at 5:40 UTC - 27. Jun 2007 by John

nice idea, should help some new players get into the game

#3 at 7:56 UTC - 27. Jun 2007 by zebra

finally :)

Some kind of table will be up in skintatious or at my site, if skint0r doesn't want to host a table.

I'll idle in irc on #playinglevels, be welcome to join it.

#4 at 9:09 UTC - 27. Jun 2007 by dorT

good job there, guys!
i`ll try that.

#5 at 9:11 UTC - 27. Jun 2007 by Antz


#6 at 12:02 UTC - 27. Jun 2007 by milagros

i dont really get teh, is it supposed to be for n00bs to train different tricks?

#7 at 12:16 UTC - 27. Jun 2007 by KD

milagros: yes, it sounds like that.

#8 at 12:32 UTC - 27. Jun 2007 by teajay


gonna check and share my opinion later.

#9 at 12:33 UTC - 27. Jun 2007 by Abula

Yea. Also we tried to make levels for those mango names like o-bounce so people would know what it means in practice.

#10 at 14:40 UTC - 27. Jun 2007 by niN

No offence zebra, but I think moposite should host the records. I think it's better to collect all same stuff in one site. But if there is some better reason to why they shouldn't, don't hesitate to tell me :P

#11 at 14:53 UTC - 27. Jun 2007 by Abula

We don't have any nice contest managing system running yet. When we have, the lists can be moved to Moposite.

#12 at 16:06 UTC - 27. Jun 2007 by BoneLESS

Seems like a fun idea. Can't wait to try those levels when i get home.

I wish i would've had that when i started playing!

#13 at 7:12 UTC - 3. Jul 2007 by John

i duno what u think but maby it would be nice to have a couple of levs in the end where u have to combine the newly learned/demonstrated tricks. the levs should be really obvious, having brutals into hang into stretch etc


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