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Friday, 26. January 2007

Ballelma at 15:54 UTC by zworqy

milagros made a patch for playing Elma levels online. Unlike the eol patch, you cannot play multiplayer, because everyone has their own apples to pick. In Ballelma, you play alone, but you can see everyone else on the same level as you. This creates a whole new experience when for example playing battles. Or your team can invent styles
together in a cup event.

Players are identifiable by different shirts, that are defined by BMP images. The download contains quite a few images, but more can be downloaded from Viper_KillerGuy's page.

Download Ballelma.

Please note that Ballelma is still in early development, it is rather stable now but crashes may occur. There are installation instructions in the bs9_readme.txt file. For now, I am running the only, temporary server so far (IP, may change).

If you are connecting through a router and can't see the other players, you have to make sure that NAT (network address translation) is off, or enable port forwarding. More help.

If you have a Windows and/or Linux server that can be used as a more reliable alternative, please contact milagros. The server program is very small and uses very little memory and CPU, the only thing that needs to be fairly good is the Internet connection.

For some cool sreenshots, visit veezay's site. Some videos.

#ballelma in IRCnet is the irc channel for the competition.

Category: General  |  Priority: High

Comments (7)

#1 at 16:21 UTC - 26. Jan 2007 by veezay

awesome patch, new .dll hasn't crashed/freezed even once for me. and one life battle in headbanger is MAX! \o/

#2 at 16:29 UTC - 26. Jan 2007 by milagros

zworqy forgot to mention, that you can download/getinfo/play together with other on #ballelma irc channel
and that this works without lagging max smooth with some 20 players \o/

#3 at 16:31 UTC - 26. Jan 2007 by milagros

and those ports that need to be forwarded are 4460, 4461 and 4462

#4 at 19:00 UTC - 26. Jan 2007 by J-sim

I don't have any control over my connection, so I geuss I won't be able to get it to work. This is killing me.
A version where you didn't have to do balle in your router/connection would be MAXIMUS

#5 at 10:57 UTC - 27. Jan 2007 by milagros

if your ip is public then it should work anyway
i guess it's not possible to do it the way you want, because elma had to use udp to be smooth and simply you have to allow it in your router/firewall/..

#6 at 12:22 UTC - 28. Jan 2007 by Abula

Videos http://palopuku.com/ballelma/videos/all_the_others/

#7 at 7:52 UTC - 18. Apr 2007 by zebra

veezay's site url seems to have changed to http://palopuku.com/belma/


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