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Thursday, 5. August 2004

Cheating scandal at 17:02 UTC by Abula

DarMoeD is a cheater.

All his recs from WRs to WCup4 replays are cheated. He used Autoplay. In practice you create a replay by typing values not driving at all. Just save a perfect start and hoyl the end. After some research and deep talking with milagros we found out a way to detect it. So far only DMD's replays are proven to be cheated. I haven't checked many replays yet though. I'll check all WR replays I have (and I have almost all throughout the Elma history) and all Moposite contest replays. Later people can send me replays to check if they are cheated in same way.

WR table and Records will be fixed when px's back from his Germany trip (next week). 9th August is still the deadline for submitting state.dats. If you think you have the second best time in the world in a DarMoeD level don't hesitate to send it in. Also I recommend to take copies of the WR tables and the statistics for memories if wanted. They will be renewed from table #88 or something when DarMoeD got his first WR.

px will decide about WCup4.

DarMoeD: you can send me an email, post to Mopolauta or come to IRC if you want. We are 100% sure so you can forget all bullshit talking. People would be extreme interested in to see any lines from you about this. An official letter would do it. The ban is one year as usual for the first-timers.

Keep on discussion on Mopolauta >>

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