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Monday, 14. March 2011

WRs at 11:38 UTC by px

The next WR update will be delayed by about a week, due to traveling.

Category: Records -> Elma  |  Priority: Medium  |  Comments: 1

Sunday, 6. March 2011

WRs at 8:53 UTC by px

The same thing as last week, no new WRs.

WR table

Category: Records -> Elma  |  Priority: Medium  |  Comments: 2

Sunday, 27. February 2011

WRs at 10:56 UTC by px

No new WRs to be updated this week either.

WR table

Category: Records -> Elma  |  Priority: Medium  |  Comments: 2

Sunday, 20. February 2011

WRs at 22:32 UTC by px

No new WRs to be updated.

WR table

Category: Records -> Elma  |  Priority: Medium  |  Comments: 1

Visitors data updated at 18:17 UTC by Abula

Not that it's the most important section but I updated the visits data of Moposite anyway.

Category: Moposite  |  Priority: Medium  |  Comments: 0

Monday, 14. February 2011

GAA10 results at 1:11 UTC by SveinR

The final show of the Golden Apple Awards 2010 was held on Sunday February 13th 2011. The winners are:

01. Internalist - Kazan
02. Externalist - Pab
03. Battler - GRob
04. Rookie - jonharkulsykkel
05. Designer - Ramone
06. Team - SPEED
07. WR - 09. Tunnel Terror: 51,88 Zweq #315
08. Style - John's Animal Farm
09. Replay - 31. Animal Farm: 1:10,59 John
10. Level - jon001.lev Deth Appels by jonharkulsykkel
11. Contest - Talvi Cup
12. Contribution - milagros: Created and manages Elasto Mania Online (EOL), the main stage for elma playing the past years
13. Achievement - Pab: Taking all JoPi records in one table
14. Site - jon's Elmastats
15. Art - niN, Jappe2 and crew: Internal Memories Elma 10 year anniversary video
16. Community Award - milagros


IRC logs, speeches, detailed results and more on Mopolauta.

Category: Community  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 3

Sunday, 13. February 2011

WRs #331 at 21:09 UTC by px

Two new WRs.

WR table

Category: Records -> Elma  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 1

Elma Ultimate 2010 DVD out! at 19:26 UTC by Abula

I've decided to create Elma Ultimate 2010 DVDs. The DVD contains all the Elma related stuff I've found since 1997 and are worth of sharing. I will upload the stuff to the Moposite eventually but if you want to own piece of Elma history, you can order own DVD now. The concept is pretty much same as was Elma Forever CD.

Read more

Thanks to Lee and Zebra for helping to make the DVD and of course for all Elma players to have this material created.

Category: Stuff  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 2

Monday, 7. February 2011

WRs #330 at 22:43 UTC by px

Five new WRs.

WR table

Category: Records -> Elma  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 3

Thursday, 3. February 2011

WR TT at 23:26 UTC by px

WR table total time is now visible under each WR table.

WR table

Category: Records -> Elma  |  Priority: Medium  |  Comments: 2

GAA 2010, date and time at 10:16 UTC by SveinR

The final show of the Golden Apple Awards 2010 will be held on Sunday February 13th, at 20:00 EET (GMT+2). The show will take place in #gaa on IRCnet.

Category: Community  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 0

Sunday, 30. January 2011

WRs #329 at 21:51 UTC by px

Two new WRs.

WR table

Category: Records -> Elma  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 3

GAA 2010, Third Step at 17:50 UTC by SveinR

The Third Step of the voting process has begun. The deadline of sending in your votes is Tuesday February 8th 2011, 23:59 EET (GMT+2).

The final show will be held on Sunday, Feburary 13th.

Category: Community  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 0

Monday, 17. January 2011

Records updated at 8:02 UTC by Abula

Ooh, records got updated automatically. 13 players improved in top 100 total times list.

There are 14 players in top 100 with a tt of 40:xx. Soon it's needed to have under the limit to be there.

Check out seasonal records too.

Category: Records -> Elma  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 4

Sunday, 16. January 2011

WRs #328 at 21:17 UTC by px

Two new WRs.

WR table

Category: Records -> Elma  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 4

Friday, 14. January 2011

ReDesign Cup starts on Sunday at 14:06 UTC by Orcc

See the internals from a new point of view! Combine your skills of designing and höyling for your success in internal Redesign Cup by Orcc and Ville_J. The cup starts on Sunday, January 16th at 19:00 GMT+2. See more information on Mopolauta.

Category: Contests -> User contests  |  Priority: Medium  |  Comments: 2

Monday, 10. January 2011

New accounts got validated at 19:06 UTC by Abula

Just validated 77 new Moposite player accounts. If you have any problems, contact us.

Category: Administration  |  Priority: Medium  |  Comments: 2

WR replays public after 5 year period at 14:10 UTC by px

In order to preserve and publish cultural heritage of the Action SuperCross and Elasto Mania scene, each WR replay sent to us may be published, but not sooner than five (5) years after publishing the specific WR time on the corresponding WR table.

Old WR replays (sent to us before 10th of Jan, 2011) may also be published five years after the corresponding WR table date. This can begin one year from now, 10th of January, 2012 when we can publish WR replays driven before 10th Jan 2007. If you have sent a WR replay to us before today and do not wish it being made public, please let us know within one year from now on, and it won't be published.

If you have questions about this, don't hesitate contacting us.

Category: Community  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 5

Mopolauta quality at 0:04 UTC by Abula

We haven't had time to moderate Mopolauta for a few years but that has ended now. The rules must be obeyd again.

Category: Administration  |  Priority: Medium  |  Comments: 4

Sunday, 9. January 2011

Paprika is ready! at 15:13 UTC by Abula

This is not a joke. We have been working with Kopaka (praise him!) to finally finish Paprika and now we are ready to go. Everything is not ready but we have moved data from old Moposite to Paprika and got new Records system running. Thereby we were also finally able to remove the "temporary" entry page of Moposite. And from this day Paprika can be called Moposite again! Paprika was only a project name of the new Moposite.

So Records section is updated and running. You can go and upload your state.dat. Notice that our system doesn't update the times immediately but once in a week, on every Sunday. WR times are also in the dynamic system but you still have to send the replay file to px that he can verify the time. The system is new and probably full of bugs so please help us to fix them by reporting about the problems in Mopolauta. We are going to merge times from EOL later. Please also check that your team history is correct and if not, report in the Mopolauta topic. Also join your current team if you are not already so the stats will be generated correctly.

Be sure to check out the Seasonal records of 2011.

Besides Records many pages were created very quickly so they contain lots of HTML errors and also data is often out-of-date. We will continue fixing them one-by-one later. But you can of course drop a word in Mopolauta if you think we have missed something.

In addition we dropped some sections out which we thought were low priority and which realistically won't be ever updated anyway: Internal levels contents (those "touch a wall, then drive around the middle blaa blaa"), Multi contests, average times (pretty much because of database limitations) and Moposite in different languages.

The next things to do, after all the found bugs in Records are fixed, will be uploading Stuff material to the site, add EOL to Games section, add some new features to Records and go through the pages one-by-one. Those will take months I guess but after that we will start developing the other sections (Downloads, Contests, Community) of the site.

Category: Administration  |  Priority: High  |  Comments: 12

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