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Monday, 13. January 2003

Records #26 at 2:32 UTC by Abula

Jokke, ciph or who will be the next one in 39mins club?

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Sunday, 12. January 2003

WRs at 21:46 UTC by px

The 108th WR table is up.

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Community history at 21:16 UTC by Abula

Community history is updated. Inform me if some kuski / team / event is missing. DarMoeD's under 39min totaltime was driven in year 2003. I will make some tiny archive under that page which will contain all kind of old Across stuff so if you have over 3-4 years old stuff (logs / sites / pics) which aren't not in web and think they are worth storing under Moposite, just send me. Be sure you have the copyrights.

Mick started to update Links. He also will write Link of the Month review every month.

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LOM at 15:57 UTC by Abula

It's a year 2003 and new Level of Month competition has started. 2002 final results are not yet available. Who will be the level designer of the year 2003? Participate to all months and it might be you. January theme is Music.

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Friday, 10. January 2003

WCup problems at 14:34 UTC by px

There is something wrong with the World Cup email accounts, so do not bother sending anything to those. The deadline ofthe 16th event has been moved to Sunday 19 January, hopefully we get the problems solved before that.

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Wednesday, 8. January 2003

New sponsor at 1:19 UTC by Abula

Moposite has got a new sponsor, Videofirma Makuuni

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Records and 24h TT at 1:08 UTC by Abula

I forgot to update news when I updated the site but anyway: Records #25 is up. Seven guys played 24h total time and some of them did pretty well. Actually TorInge drove extreme insane total time, check their results >>

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Saturday, 4. January 2003

KOM at 21:45 UTC by Abula

kuiva won the Dec KOM, new poll is up.

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WCup at 2:19 UTC by px

The 16th event of World Cup 4 is up.

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Thursday, 2. January 2003

Personal total time at 8:58 UTC by Abula

DarMoeD made it! Surprisingly he was the first man under 39 minutes in personal total times. The last improvement is Lab Pro 2:28,15 and therefore the total time is amazingly 38:58,65! Now on a bit rest for him, but the question is: who will be the first under 38 mins?-)

By the way: I told on Mopolauta that for sure he won't get under in 2002 and I was right. More >>

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Wednesday, 1. January 2003

New Elma Year 2002 at 22:50 UTC by Abula

At first I'd like to wish you extreme pure hoyla year and good luck your life's bounces.

Secondly: Level of month section has started. Who is king of level designing, compete! The first theme is Forms and figures. Read more >>

A small overview of Elma year 2001
  • 31 Jan: Haazelmaban animation was released.
  • 07 Feb: Multi WR list was started to host by SveinR.
  • 22 Feb: LOS cup started.
  • 02 Mar: Wcup 3 Winners got the prizes :].
  • 03 Mar: OLP was released.
  • 18 Apr: Official Single WR list is hosted by Moposite.
  • 21 Jul: Elma CD with Elma Crime movie was released.
  • 25 Aug: First Elma League was over.
  • 25 Aug: Moposite came back from the offline period.
  • 03 Sep: Sec cup started.
  • 16 Oct: First Mopobattle's winner was psy.
  • 19 Oct: Multi WRs's total went under 26 mins.
  • 26 Nov: Mitik Cup started.
  • 05 Dec: WRs's total went under 40 mins.
The list is Moposite-centered and I know I forget something important so mail me and I fix it. Ambulance gave the idea for poll of the Kuski of Year 2001 award, give your vote (the poll is located under kuski of month poll on main page in left frame, find it).

Kuskis of the months of the year 2001 were:
  • January 2001: zyntifox
  • February 2001: mrDJ
  • March 2001: MUe
  • April 2001: Stikky
  • May 2001: Karlis
  • June 2001: pajen
  • July 2001: MGen
  • August 2001: ciph
  • September 2001: CSabi
  • October 2001: Deadelous
  • November 2001: psy
  • December 2001: Dz
They deserve the honour.

People know Mopolauta isn't always for smart conversations, there are many newbies who don't know much the scene and only a few can write proper english. Newbies use the board as a question area, Im not sure is it good or not (for rookies it is good of course). Maybe there could be a problems, questions forum or something, dunno. Still I believe quite a big bunch Elma kuskis are reading Mopolauta nowand then.

I want to give some credit for a couple of kuskis on Mopolauta due to their activity and for being a good example to other kuskis :-). Hopefully I didn't forget anyone, I am sorry if I did. There are a few other all-time active but I don't want to mention them because.. you guess.

Credits go to (alphabetic order):
  • Ambulance: writes much.
  • ciphhh: all-time active.
  • csybe: has good arguments and strong opinions..eventhough is horse-playing too much and having a stupid role.
  • dz (new nick): 3 good topics :) + basic good.
  • EML: writes much too, has good arguments, not always active.
  • Karlis: all-time active.
  • MagnusB: basic good.
  • skint0r: active and has sense and energy to post.
  • Snyder: it's joy to read his posts.
I myself want to thank all you who loves Elma and give me an opportunity to play this great game, be in a awesome scene and update Moposite. Thank you.

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Kinglist at 21:10 UTC by Abula

BarTek's taking the leadership of the Kinglist but where's Jeppe? Trabi rose to top5. Also cheat times are fixed.

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