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Friday, 25. January 2002

Dz the fastest at 20:15 UTC by Abula

It took 3h and 4minutes for him to download the levels, finish them all and send them back to me. He was the first, the fastests and the best. Grats!

Dz's great total is 1:14:34,81. Thus he broke 75 mins limit. Who will be the first under 74 mins? Keep on hoyling.

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Lost Internals finally here! at 17:00 UTC by Abula

Read BarTek's greetings and check Lost Internal page >>

Or maybe you just want to hoyl >>

Who gets the first total, all levels finished. The first who send all 54 levels with total time gets his credits. Also who will be the first under one hour, 59mins and so on. Keep on playing and sending records in. Read mailing instructions from Lost Internals page >>

Deadline of sending in records to table #02 is 18:00 EET 26th day of this month. Simply: after 24 hours, tomorrow at the same time. I'll update the table a few hours after the deadline.

55th level is just for fun, not included in total compo.<br /><br />I won't count these records to Kinglist now. Just a bit later when record beating gets calmed.

BarTek made the levs, px wrote the story, Abula made the lists and you hoyl.

Take a conversation on Mopolauta about the compo and the levels >>

Next the word is BarTek's:
Yowsa! I [BarTek] have dedicated my last time making the "Lost Internals".

This has taken me over 4 months and now they are done (wheee). I did this for three reasons:

  1. I wanted to tribute elmascene something good.
  2. I was looking for a ultimate levelmaking challange.
  3. I wanted to keep the Internal-Style alive.
For a half-year ago i felt that the original Internals [1-54] were gettin boring and hoyled to the maximum. Therefore i wanted to offer players new fresch un-hoyled levels which they could start to play. The main idea of these levels is to offer players levels with the same kinda design and feeling as the original internals but with new routes, in other words - copies of the original levels but with new driveways.

For example if you loved playing Jaws once but lost interest cuz you already hoyled it to maximum, then you probably love the Lost Internal version. It offers the same kinda drive feelin and design as the original but this one has a completely different drive route. This means you can start finding NEW cheatpaths and tricks on a level that feels the same as in the original balaz version. I want to thank Abula for letting me design these levels for moposite. Abula also came up with 70% of all the level-names (re-spect) and suggested some small changes to the levels. Also a big thank to ciph´s mom for making me in a good moud every friday night before i go to sleep >:) I hope these level will be a interest to most players and remember that they are a salute to the real internals. I wish you all the very best and have a good hoyling spree:) Now download them or i´ll kick you ass>:P

Written by: BarTek the ElmaEntertainer aka Dj-Kuski [mE iZ]

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Thursday, 24. January 2002

Bad news at 17:12 UTC by Abula

I needed help from three person. MUe and px did their parts but BarTek disappered. He said I'm not allowed to release the levels without his permission. And as you can guess I haven't seen him in last 24 hours. BarTek, mail me as soon as possible, please.

Everything is ready, Im just waiting for BarTek. Hopefully he'll contact me in next 24 hours. So the next try for releasing stuff is tomorrow same time. I'm sorry. Don't kill us.

While waiting you can read some info from the Lost Internals page >>

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Wednesday, 23. January 2002

They're coming at 17:00 UTC by Abula

In 24 hours, tomorrow at 18:00 EET Lost Internals will be released!

Be here and win the compo of the fastest total warrior. More info tomorrow.

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Sunday, 20. January 2002

Problems at 15:55 UTC by Abula

Have you had problems to send mails us? You could try to use punahai aFROMa saunalahti d0t fi address instead of abula bFROMb moposite cDOTc com.

I'm having much work in school these days but after a week I'm back in business, maybe even earlier. Lost (ghost) Internals will be published s00n with some small competitions like who can finish all Lost Internals quickest. Also the first kuski under one hour, 59 mins, 58 mins etc. Searching secret areas could be one compo too. I'm going to inform more later.

PS. Contest section is next to update, sorry my lazyness :/.

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Thursday, 17. January 2002

Lists updates at 11:40 UTC by px

A couple of new WRs again. TomCat from TEA run his first ever WR, at Islands in the Sky, beating Jeppe with 10 hundredths. A bit greater was the improvement in Tricks Abound, this nowadays quite unseen amount of 2,24 seconds was taken off by slix from swos, he also made his way to the list for the first time. At OLP tracks, ZenitH improved the record at Dunes a bit.

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Thursday, 10. January 2002

FIN pages updated at 21:46 UTC by px

Must be _very_ interesting.

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Some minor WR lists updates at 4:17 UTC by px

Yeap, the army is finally over and I should have more time to spend on this site, we'll see what will happen, for I doubt that the laziness I learned there is to stay :) Anyway, I have at last updated Across, Elma and OLP WRs. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, 9. January 2002

Dz interview at 23:01 UTC by Abula

Read it >>

Moposite got some sponsors, visit their sites (right bottom).

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Saturday, 5. January 2002

setadpu at 16:45 UTC by px

Some updates: New lists on Across World Records and Finnish Records, also some new links were added and some fixed... etc.

Category: Old  |  Priority: Medium  |  Comments: 0

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