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Wednesday, 27. February 2002

Totals at 19:09 UTC by Abula

Totals updated, Dz will be the first under 40mins? MP did quite a nice improvement >>

I asked replays about half of the kuskis with new total to prove their total. Three guys didn't send them and they are \DC [EM], Gavelin [TB] and Laser [TTT]. Gavelin said his harddisk crashed and \DC just refused to send his recs. Laser didn't contact me. Due to rules I won't update their totals. Also I have to remove \DC's old total because he didn't prove his earlier times either. \DC said he isn't a slave, he wants to use his head and that's why he won't give me the replays. This make us feeling like he has something to hide.

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Mopolauta at 16:15 UTC by Abula

Wcup stats are more ready now. EML made the biggest work and recounted the points, we thank him >>

Dynamic listing comes later, when I learn more PHP or someone helps me ;).

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Tuesday, 26. February 2002

Mopolauta at 13:57 UTC by Abula

Mopolauta is under construction today and maybe tomorrow, you can't post there now.

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Monday, 25. February 2002

Lost top5 at 20:49 UTC by Abula

I really recommend to check nemo's good work, I like :) >>

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Kinglist at 19:15 UTC by Abula

Finally got Kinglist updated. Lost Internals are included there too. The long-standing leader of the Kinglist has been changed. The young power, Jeppe, took the first place and the old veteran, psy, has to make space to him. How long can Jeppe hold his place, team ReC is trying hard.

There are a few new things in the lists, check yourself if interested.

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Sunday, 24. February 2002

Next Lostline at 20:49 UTC by Abula

..is 3rd March.

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Losts at 18:32 UTC by Abula

Same guys hoyling. ZeiZei was the first under 53 minutes.

Other contests will be up a bit later.

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New links at 15:02 UTC by Abula

Cah'Kon and Evilsite links added.

Nemo has given Evilsite a breath of life (with EML's blessing) and he will be updating it. Many lists were removed but Top5 Lost internals added. The Elma League will be kept there when EML feels for doing it. >>

Cah'Kon is still in the middle of preparing for the next part, but there is some new information available at the Cah'Kon site and psyte. There are also 23 ½time lev's to play.

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New custom lev pack at 14:35 UTC by Abula

Yep, it's up. The levels were designed mainly by Jeppe.

Remember the next Lost Internal deadline is today at 18:00 EET, in 2h 30mins. I'll will update other contest records too.

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Saturday, 23. February 2002

More stats at 21:54 UTC by Abula

For statistics and Wcup freaks Tapzu made Wcup team standings of Wcup1, 2k and total points. Wcup replay packs are available too, thanks to Radim.
  • Wcup1 >>
  • Wcup2k >>
  • Wcup3 >>
  • All three Wcups >>
Ps. already waiting fourth Wcup? :)

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Flag Tags at 21:06 UTC by Abula

BarTek made two new Flag Tag levels. Flag Tag is a multiplaying mode where you try to have the flag on your bike for more time than your opponent. You can steal the flag by touching the other player. This funny idea was offered by MUe for Balazs to code into the game. If you have a partner why not give a try? >>

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Lgr records at 14:09 UTC by Abula

ReC roxing >>

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Friday, 22. February 2002

Replays at 18:59 UTC by Abula

Phunny and Elma recs updated. Jeppe sent again sick recs, also Dz's Zig Zag WR there. >>

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Beta Across at 18:58 UTC by Abula

As long as we believe MUe, we have a screenshot of initial version of Across. It's something you must check >>

Edit: Oki, we believe. Balazs gave it to him personally.

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Thursday, 21. February 2002

Forecasts at 18:58 UTC by Abula

Finally I got the forecasts updated. Maybe you're interested in what other kuskis chose (guess not :])? And you cannot participate anymore >>

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Wednesday, 20. February 2002

Top10 levpacks at 22:40 UTC by Abula

Records updated, MP is challenging Jouni.

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Articles at 19:40 UTC by Abula

I forget to upload one of the BarTek's articles.. updated rQ-E%'s new one too.

Remember send your totals.

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Tuesday, 19. February 2002

Mailing at 22:40 UTC by Abula

There are problems in mailing us from these pages (for example Add, del, edit link -page and feedback page) which will work properly in a day or two, just wait. Thanks to skint0r about informing.

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New server at 15:59 UTC by Abula

Yeap, we finally got fed up with our former service provider and decided to move The Moposite to Sigmatic. It is much cheaper, we'll get everything work properly, for we can use for example PHP4 and MySQL database solutions. Also we have now lots of more space and a proper domain service. We did very thorough-going search and comparison between the choices available, this one was certainly the best.

Our emails have been changed to abula from moposite , com and pexi fr0m moposite bDOTb com. Former mails don't work anymore.

What new?
  • php format, check links page and you see its possibilities >>
  • Team of year 2001 poll in main page (Dz gave the idea)
  • mrickx started to update WR statistics, more and often
  • Wcup total points page is new, it's not ready though, EML is working for it >>
  • Stupid javascripts removed in funny recs/internal contests and links page
  • MopoVote #5 by BarTek
  • Kuskilist is closed for a while
  • 4 new articles by BarTek >>
  • Level designers in Wcup1 and 2k
  • More accurate list of Moposite staff in General info, who did I forget? >>
  • Illegality section updated >>
  • New versions? -page updated too >>
  • FAQ updated
  • Jeppe's interview added >>
  • Olp totals updated, Trabi: you're welcome
  • Wcup page has a little improvement in design
  • 1337 browser bar in IE 5.5 or higher
New linkpage, psy helped us by reviewing some of them. Thanks to Mick, skint0r and especially tura who did very big job with coding. You can sort the link page by name order, best design points order, last updated order etc, give a look. All servers don't support the last updated information so that's why there is Not available text in some links. And notice that the script checks the header of your main page. Only the edits in the main page the script notices as changes. Also it isn't able to handle cjb.net redirects for example, you can change your address here. The script isn't perfect, I know, but there're no better ways to do this (at least not for our skills :]). ps. extra.hu is too slow here (can't even open the page), change the server if possible.

Mopobattles will start at the earliest in 5-6 weeks. Sad but true but I haven't found anyone to arrange these and I myself don't have time now. Battle results will be updated later. MGen is working for them.

Level of Month results done. The compo was success and the levels have quality. The top3 was Xhomaz, ZenitH and BarTek. There were three rates (me, psy and Sathy; in the future they will be alternating) that the final results would be possible fair. I added more rules there, read them>>

Lost internals have been updated too. Miguel was the first under 54 minutes in totals. ZeiZei is also taking his place. EML has the most records and IHT is the best Lost team. The next lost update is on 24th Feb at 18:00 EET. >>

Send in your totals, I'll update them with replays and Lev pack records someday quite s00n.

moposite.com domain doesn't work properly, some errors can be occur in a few days, same with mails. Don't worry, I'll inform later.

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Monday, 11. February 2002

höyl cup 2002 at 11:55 UTC by Abula

Time to start to play höyl cup 2002, bonus level and info are up >>

Category: Old  |  Priority: Medium  |  Comments: 0

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